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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 3, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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long. the fans were doing thewave and -- the wave, and the career leaders trying to entertain the crowd. and players stretching until the lights came back on. we know the lyings are back on so brief tee lay, and off we go with the game. not looking too good for the 49ers. >> dan: incredible. a billion people or something watching. mike shumann is live in new orleans. he joins us on the opinion. -- on the phone. schucks we had this record-breaking kickoff return and now this. so strange. >> mike: unbelievable. we were all joking, beyoncé was so electric the lights went out. and then the kickoff return did not help. the lights are back on. fans are entertaining themselves. doing the wave. the players were all stretching. the halftime was long enough for
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players in a super bowl. and then to come out ask -- and have this happening, it's tough on athletes to stay loose. the lights have just come back on. and the game will continue. maybe this is the break the 49ers needed. we'll see. bet ruth now it's not looking good for the red and gold. >> ama: were thinking, this could be a momentum-killer for the ravening are right it? will be interesting to see how this goes once they start playing. >> mike: no question. and they start the second half with the kickoff return and you're going, my goodness. but they seem to have the 49ers' number right now. 49ers need to take advantage of this somehow and come back and get of the scoreboard. we're just getting an announcement that the game is going to resume shortly. but, boy, this is almost 45-minute break between the first half and second half, between halftime and this power outage. >> i imagine, what are the
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coaches telling the team? john harbaugh is saying don't let this break the momentum, and jim harbaugh is thinking before taked advantage. >> when you play the super bowl, you know -- maintain themselves. you have a heightened sense of adrenaline when you come out for the second half dismowrks that's tempered off. now you have to get yourself back up for the game. so it will depend on which team can do that the best, and almost rather be on offense right now with the 49ers are, so maybe he can take advantage of to start the second half. this is surreal to say the least. talking to some people here, said this never happened before, and it's just -- what else can happen to the 49ers? >> ama: mike shumann, live from the superdome. we'll check in with you after
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the game. >> dan: plans to prevent problems after the game is stirring up anger in the mission district. >> ama: lillian kim has the details. reporter: these signs have been up here in the mission to let people know not to park here today but there's been some confusion, and as a result, handful of cars were wrongfully towed. parking control officers were out giving tickets and tow trucks were towing cars. police want streetness the mission cleared any case things get out of hand after the super bowl. they need enough room for emergency vehicles to get through and want to make sure cars don't get vandalized. the streets cleared are mission between 15th and 26th street and 24th between the giant myth. signs on mission between 15th 15th and 24th were only put up less than 24 hours ago and city will you requires at least 24 hours notice. so a handful of cars were towed when they shouldn't have been.
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>> i'm a little frustrated by the city. that is very frustrating not to follow the proper protocol and clearly we ran into a lot of people in the same exact boat. so it wasn't just us. >> i will definitely review with beth public works and the police officers to make sure they had the signage up and make sure they're doing it right. i think we're wanting to make sure everybody is safe. >> fortunately san francisco police say those people who are wrongfully towed will be reimbursed. good news for those people. their tow cost $450. live in san francisco, abc7 abc7 news. >> dan: the super bowl brought out the good and bad in san francisco. on king street, 700 people were in line to get to pete's tavern. they got there hours before the opening. the bad was on 16th street where the dear mom bar, which caters to ravens fans, was
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forced to close after receiving threats of shooting. >> a lot of football games have been around for a lot of super bowls and mardi gras and strt stuff like that. it's a exchange when a bunch of gun thugs who have nothing better to do than ruin everybody else's time. >> amanda add the closure hurts because over lost wages and tips on one of the biggest sports days of the year. >> john alston has a look at the plans to keep everybody safe, hopefully. john? >> once the game is over, we talked to officers on foot and in an unmarked car but for the most part it's business as usual. this afternoon the police were gathering at their command center. tactical unit and other teams and 100 there officers are on dirty and the chief will make the rounds with his officers, and they will rut their plan
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into action. >> a bruin of officers dub a group of officers inside and we're in close contact with the colleagues, sheriff's department and so forth, and at this point, monitoring the city. reports will be given on a regular basis from the police stations on the situations in their neighborhoods and how the crowds are. >> almost all the businesses along this stretch of mission are open. but it is subdued. one guy walked by and said, go home, it's over. live in san francisco, john alston, abc7 news. >> let's hope that's not the case. there's still some time. although it's not looking great. you can turn to abc7 news right after the super bowl to see whatever happens. we hope it's a celebration. we'll be on right after the game with live coverage in the bay expwrear in new orleans. >> still to come at 6:00, how to get your hands on the super bowl gear if the niners win. >> plus, what the employs --
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police chief is going going to dive the niners lose. >> leigh: get ready for big weather changes this upcoming week.
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>> ama: we have breaking news from sky 7hd over the mission district. this is 24th and harrison. some fireworks were being set
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off because there would be a low rider gathering after the game. and you can see a fire burning. police are moving in, trying to get this quieted down. we're going to keep our eyes on this and let you know if anything changes in the situation. a fire going, which is what police and the fire department did not want to happen on this super bowl day, and the niners are playing again. action has resumed. >> dan: lights are back on in the super dome, and everyone is hoping that things will be peaceful. niner fans waited for three hours to get the prime viewing positions this morning. >> i just want a good seat. watching the flat screen. >> dan: there were 750 people on line when the doors opened at 11:00. the crowd reached capacity of a thousand by noon and a similar scene at bars in the south bay. sergio has a look at the celebrations in san jose. reporter: there are plenty of people packed into the britannia
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arms near downtown san jose and the game has just resumed so the energy is picking up. of course, this has been a game full of high points and low points for 49ers fans tonight. >> south bay fans are cheering just as loud as fans in san francisco. nearly everyone here is hoping to be part of the super bowl win. the big game is only part of the fun. super bowl sunday is also about being with friends, having a few beers and enjoying bar food. most of the groups here are groups of friends and also a few families cheering on then 49ers. >> i'm excited. excitement, a little buzz. chasing my son all over britannia arms. >> now, as he mentioned there has been quite a few sections where the fans have had mixed reactions and have been pretty
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subdued. especially in the first half. the hopes are that the 49ers are going to come back in the second half. hopefully be able to hear the cheers coming from san jose, reporting live, sergio quintana, abc7 news. >> dan: an update now on the power outage. the power is back on at the super bowl and the game has resumed. >> ama: what willle the san francisco police do if the niners lose? >> rick: besides the superbowl, both the men's skim's basketball teams were in action, and phil
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>> another live look at 24th 24th and hairsson from sky 7hd. we saw flames earlier. hard to tell if witness as a bonfire or a grill. we confirmed it is a grill. all is well at that 49ers celebration. police being extra careful making sure everybody is safe. >> a big grill. san francisco police chief could be dancing after the super bowl if the niners lose. he will be dancing the dance of
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ravens linebacker ray lewis. known as the squirrel. if the anyoners win the baltimore police commissioner will do the kaepernick, flexing and then kissing his biceps. >> if the niners do win you can get your super bowl gear almost immediately. select bay area sports authority stores will be selling gear until 10:00 p.m. and will open early tomorrow morning at 7:00. >> dan: if they don't win, you can get the gear cheap. let's talk weather. >> leigh: we're hoping they win. hi there. live doppler 7hd showing you a identifies -- nice clearing taking place. after waking up to the low clouds and fog, we had a northerly wind pushing the cloud off the coast. but right there, all of this is going to sag across the bay area
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overnight tonight. so it will be kind of a cloudy start for your monday morning commute. right now in the 50s. 55 in oakland, 52, san francisco, and 51 in san jose. livermore, 54. here's a look at the forecast. we'll take you in through much of this upcoming work week. low clouds and patchy valley fog overnight. could delay the early morning commute drivetime. also some of the flights. by mid-day tomorrow we should look for clearing, and get ready for big weather changes, colder temperatures, as we head into thursday and friday, and that's also when he rain will return to the bay area. lows tonight, north bay, east bay locations, where you do see some clear spots, upper 30s to right near 40 degrees. elsewhere where the clouds settle in near the coast as well as san francisco, oakland, palo alto, that's where temperatures
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drop down in the mid-to-low 45040s. here's a look at the pacific satellite. much of the action well the north as high pressure is pushing the jet stream to the north of the bay area. the dry pattern will stay with us through mode week. after that the high weakens and a colder weather pattern settles over us as well as the rain chances start to increase on thursday and friday. let me get you out the door tomorrow morning. this is 11:00 this evening. you can see the low clouds and fog will move back in. this is 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. you can see the low clouds near the coast. the peninsula, and towards the delta. by mid-day, plenty of sunshine and temperatures into the 60s. 58 for san francisco. 62, antioch. 62, san jose, and look for 64-degrees for gilroy. the seven-day forecast, by tuesday, cooling begins. wednesday, partly cloudy, and there's the rain and cooler
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weather thursday and friday. >> dan: let's talk about all the sports going on. we know the game is going again. >> rick: what a crazy scene. the niners is losing to baltimore 28-6. ravens quarterback joe flacco has thrown three touchdowns and jones returned a kickoff an nfl record 109 yards for another score. the 49ers have never lost a super bowl, going 5-0. the most lopsided victory was in new orleans when they routed denver 55-10. current san francisco running backs coach scored twice in that contest. he takes us on a trip down memory lane. >> it was fun, obviously, and we had a big lead at halftime, and back-to-back super bowl wins and a big lead at halftime, we felt like we were in control of the game, and we were at ease in the
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locker room. we knew we hd control and all we had to do is finish it, and we did that. and won 55-10. and being able to go out with back-to-back super bowl wins. >> after upsetting oregon earlier this week, stanford tried to complete a sweep of the oregon schools. cardinal coach says, let's hurry up guys. so we can watch the super bowl. harris backer to to randle. kind of a whacky sequence here. john gates with the steal. the beaverrers take it the other way. nelson lays in two of his 20 points. oregon state up by two. but stanford comes back to win, 81-73. the cardinal win three in a row, five of its last seven. >> the fourth ranked stanford women wore at corvallis, the cardinal playing good, sound, fundamental basketball. chiney ogwumike finds taylor.
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stanford by 11 at the breafnlg another big day for ogwumike. 32 points, 18 rebounds, 17th 17th double-double of the season. stanford wins is 65-45, and improves to 20-2. at the phoenix open, phil mickelson was looking to complete a wire-to-wire victory. this event a little more casual than most golf tournaments. how about a caddie race to the green here. mickelson has been magic. he reads this birdie putt on seven to perfection. put him 25 under par. brandt snedeker knocks down this long birdie on nine. kept him three strokes back. but no one was catching mickelson. he shot a 67 to finish 28 under par. here he taps in on 18. third phoenix open victory. next stop, pebble beach for the at&t pro-am. there's still 28-6 baltimore.
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third quarter. but the lights are back on. >> always look on the bright side. >> ama: we want to go back out to sky 7hd which is live over the mission district. you can see all the police presence out there. there are more officers out on the streets tonight than usual. obviously because of the super bowl. they are mobile yiegz at the mission district headquarters and they just want to make sure people celebrate and have fun in a safe way. >> dan: let's hope these officers north needed tonight, but they're there just in case. >> ama: we hear leigh cheering. something good happened. just ahead, zombies versus witch hunters. who came out on
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>> ama: do join us tonight at cable 13. we'll take you through the big moments of the super bowl and get reaction from the team in the locker room. the niners just scored so it's now 28-13 leading. >> then at 11:00, the loophole in state law that allows injured nfl players who never played for california teams to apply for unemployment in the state. the dead ruled at the box office this weekend. warm bodies about zombies in love earned $20 million in the opening weekend. last week's top film, handsell and gretel dropped to second.
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zero dark thirty was fifth. >> i missed the zombies in love. >> can't get enough of that. >> don't forget, abc7 news is the only place to watch the oscars on february 24th oomph few weeks away. big night for hollywood. >> ama: that's it for us at 6:00, captioned by closed captioning services inc. well, well, well.
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it is all next! >> right now, john mcclain is back! >> 007 of plainfield, new jersey. >> a red carpet full of zombies. >> actors pay tribute to actors. >> we can't do what we do without other actor.
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>> quality time with one of our favorite tv families. i don't really have anything in common with my own kids ether? we're rolling out the red carpet now. >> hi, i'm patricia heaton and you're watching on the red a pet. >> welcome to on the red carpet from the set of abc's the middle. i'm's rachel smith. we'll get you to the red carpet in a moment. >> otrc's tony cabrera found bruce willis is back and a good day to diehard. rachel, it >> rachel, it has been 25 years since the first diehard move ry, now it is time for a fifth, but first, a big reveal! >> it is a brand-new mural at fox studios celebrating one big franchio one has m >> no one has mural like in the hollywood. >> you don't get em. you don't see them coming along very often. murals this big. do you remember what you were saying at this moment?


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